How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone/Android With/Without Computer Free

Despite sitting in a hotel room, you can pretend you’re working in your office. Technology has done some unbelievable things over the past years, and faking the GPS location is also one of them.

Now, you can fake GPS location courtesy of the location faker in no time without anybody letting you know that you’re faking the location. Creep into this post to change GPS location on Android or iPhone without Computers free.

Part 1. Best Fake Location App to Change GPS Location on iPhone Free Without Jailbreak on Computer

If you don’t want to jailbreak your device and would love to Fake GPS location, opting for the iGPSGo is the best option. It is a mind-blowing location faker that lets you alter the current location courtesy of the massive joystick. iGPSGo comes up with a simple user interface, and faking the GPC location is only a couple of steps.

Let’s dig into the step-by-step guide to changing GPS location on iPhone and Android.

iGPSGo enable developer mode for iOS 16

Step 1:

Install the iGPSGo after downloading it and click the ”Start” icon.

Step 2:

Connect the iOS device to the PC and enable the Developer Mode. You’ll need to launch Settings to turn on the Developer Mode. Enable the Developer Mode after hitting the ”Privacy & Security” icon. Now, the iPhone will get restarted and then unlock the device to proceed.

Step 3:

Tap on the Teleport Mode to access the current location.

Step 4:

Enter the desired location and tap on the ”Search” icon to select the desired location.

iGPSGo enable USB debugging on Android

Step 1:

After launching the iGPSGo and connecting the Android device to the PC, you’ll need to enable USB debugging.

Step 2:

Select the Transfer Files icon after visiting the notification bar icon in USB connection mode. Click on the Android setting and tap on the Search Build Number. Click on the Build Number 7 times and then turn on the USB debugging and press the Allow.

Step 3:

Press the Teleport icon to see the current.

Step 4:

Select the preferred location and tap on the Search icon.

Part 2. iPhone GPS Location Faker App with Cydia Jailbreak Without Computer

Although Cydia tends to jailbreak the iOS device before faking GPS location, you can perform all the actions without a PC. Cydia is one of the most reliable apps to fake GPS locations by rooting the device.

Here’s how to alter the GPS location on Cydia.

Step 1:

After installing the Cydia app from the App Store, you’ll need to launch it. Visit the map view before hitting the desired location.

Step 2:

Tap on the Blue tab and select the apps on the device using the newly assigned location. Launch the selected app and check whether the GPS location has been changed.

Part 3. GPS Location Spoofer App without root without mock location on Android

Android comes up with the wonderful GPS location Spoofer that enables you to fake GPS location without root and mock location on Android. It is a commendable location faker that takes no time before faking the GPS location.

Follow the guide below to alter the GPS location on your device.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Play Store and Install the GPS location Spoofer app. Launch the app and navigate to the maps.

Step 2:

Select the location you’d like to use and click the Play button. You can also select the apps to change the GPS location.

Part 4. Comparison between iGPSGo, Cydia, and GPS Location Spoofer App

You can watch out for a comparison among the mentioned apps in the following table.

iGPSGo GPS Location Spoofer App


Allows you to fake the GPS location without jailbreaking the device




Doesn’t jailbreak your device

Can’t fake GPS location with jailbreaking
Offers the effortless user interface Manageable user interface Negotiable user interface
No risk Risky Risky
Comes up with the wonderful joystick No joystick No joystick

All three options to fake the GPS location mentioned above are worth your attention. But, iGPSGo emerges as the best tool to change the GPS location courtesy of its mouthwatering and brilliant features.

Part 5: Can you use VPN to Change iPhone GPS Location?

Faking the GPS location on an iOS device courtesy of the VPN is possible. Doing so assists you in connecting with the different country’s service and getting the new IP address on the iOS device. However, using the VPN can not change iPhone GPS location.

Part 6. Why People Don’t Want Jailbreak to Spoof iPhone GPS Location

Faking the GPS location most of the time requires jailbreaking the device. Unfortunately, jailbreaking the mobile device can make your device vulnerable to various attacks. Most people don’t want to jailbreak the device before faking the GPS location.

Part 7. Do you need a computer to fake iPhone GPS location?

Changing the GPS location on an iPhone through a computer is an appropriate idea, and most people opt for this way. Fortunately, various iOS device apps that allow you to fake GPS location on iOS devices have been made available, and we’ve mentioned Cydia for that matter. You can use this app to change the GPS location on your iPhone.


All three options to fake the GPS location mentioned above are worth your attention. But, iGPSGo emerges as the best tool to change the GPS location courtesy of its mouthwatering and brilliant features.

Of all the tools we’ve listed in this guide, iGPSGo is the best way to change the GPS location as it offers a massive joystick to put things in order.

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