Join the Guild

Don’t get locked out of the dungeon and miss the adventure, become a member of our guild today! Cajun Gamer is the only Local Game Store in Acadiana that offers this exclusive membership which will allow you to Rank Up and unlock awesome perks.

Pick your class, grab your Guild Card and start your adventure.

5 Classes to Choose From

  • The Hero

    Loves to read about superheroes, zombies, mutants and giant robots.

  • The Mech

    Pick up your controller and jump into a world of pixels, digital art, Anime and side-scrolling action.

  • The Magician

    Stack your deck with mana & power, strategize by collecting & summoning monsters to conquer your adversaries.

  • The Adventurer

    Join a company of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons and, wait! Dragons think we are delicious & go best with a side of ketchup. Adventurers, RUN!

  • The Gladiator

    Sneak up on your opponent in the thrill of the hunt, score a WIN by smashing your foe, capturing their base and sealing the deal with a FATALITY.

Become a Guild Master

Join the Gamer Guild and start ranking up today. Earn loot, discounts and badges of honor along the way, as you strive to earn the Guild Master title. Being a gamer has never been this rewarding or this much FUN!